Meriel (sea_bright) wrote,

Seeking Oxford-based open-minded agnostics...

... who might like to be on the telly.

St Aldate's (the church I'm a member of) is running its usual Alpha course (eight week introduction to Christianity with lots of opportunity for questions and discussion) this term, starting tomorrow evening. However, this time, they're looking for a group of people who would be willing to be filmed during the course as part of a documentary being made for Channel Four. More details here.

If anyone out there finds this an interesting prospect, do get in touch either with me (via comments or other method of your choice), or directly with Aldate's via the contact details on the page linked to above. (If anyone fancies trying the Alpha course but doesn't want to be part of the documentary, this is also totally possible: I believe they're setting aside part of the room for those who don't want to be filmed.) Please also feel free to pass on this information to anyone else you know who might be interested.


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