Meriel (sea_bright) wrote,

On the off chance that someone other than me might be amused

A friend of mine from church had a baby a couple of months ago, and last night some of us went round to her house for a baby-shower type event (it would have happened before the baby arrived, except he was early). One of the fun activities that had been organized was decorating bibs with fabric pens and crayons.

I started off by drawing a rainbow on one, 'cos it was colourful and not difficult. But a bit later, I remembered these earrings, and, well, there were some spare bibs left... The result was one with <BODY> at the top of it and </BODY> at the bottom of it.

There was only one person there who actually got the joke, but fortunately it was the baby's mum. She asked if I was going to put anything in the middle, but I couldn't think of anything suitable, so I was just going to leave it blank... until I was visited by the Bad Pun Fairy. I added some paragraph tags, and between them, a green dot symbolizing a pea.

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