September 22nd, 2009

Reading cat

Motorcycle helmets

A slightly cheeky request... as some of you will know, I'm directing The History Boys (Old Fire Station Studio Theatre in Oxford, 6th-10th October). The props we need include two motorcycle helmets, and these are proving difficult to locate in a way that doesn't exceed our budget...

As I know there are some bikers on my flist, I wondered if by any chance there might be someone who has an old helmet they might be willing to donate to a good cause - it doesn't matter if it's no longer safe for road use, as obviously no one's actually going to ride a motorbike on the stage! If said helmet(s) were located outside Oxford, we could cover the postage costs, and/or modest payment might be possible in the form of beer or chocolate or whatever.

In an ideal world, one of the helmets would be of the old fashioned open-face type, but that's possibly asking a bit much...

Any suggestions of other possible sources would also be much appreciated!