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Calling murder mystery fans near Oxford

I've been meaning to post about this for ages, and keep not being organized enough.

This week, I'm appearing in an interactive murder mystery event called 'In the Closet'. So if you like that sort of thing and are in or near Oxford, come along and watch and have a go at solving the crime! Performances are tonight (Tuesday), tomorrow, and Saturday, all at 7.30pm, in the Moser Theatre in Wadham College. More details are available on the Facebook page.

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An Allegory

I got a new laptop last week. It’s extremely shiny. By a sheer accident of timing, I got one of the first machines with Windows 7 on it. Thus far, where I’ve noticed differences, I’m mostly liking them. It’s also lovely to have a computer that doesn’t groan when I ask it to do something quite simple, and with a screen that isn’t slowly failing...

On a less positive note, it also has Office 2007 on it.

In many ways, this is turning out to be pretty much as I expected. But imagine my surprise when I got in from work yesterday to find a strange man in the living room. He introduced himself as Mike (I didn’t quite catch his surname, but it sounded something like Crowsough), and said he was there to complete my Windows 7/Office 2007 user experience. I dropped a few hints that it would have been nice to know he was coming (and perhaps even to have been given some choice about whether he came at all), but given how hard he seemed to have worked, I didn’t want to sound ungrateful.

The first thing I noticed was that he’d redecorated the house completely.

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The History Boys - book now to avoid disappointment!

I've been meaning to do a shameless plug for this for the last week or so, but haven't got round to it because I've been a tad busy with rehearsals...

The History Boys
by Alan Bennett
OFS Studio Theatre, Oxford

Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th October - performances at 7.30pm plus 2.30pm Saturday matinee

Tickets are selling fast! Tuesday (tonight), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening are already limited availability, and the other performances are also selling well, so if you're planning to come, book quickly!
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Motorcycle helmets

A slightly cheeky request... as some of you will know, I'm directing The History Boys (Old Fire Station Studio Theatre in Oxford, 6th-10th October). The props we need include two motorcycle helmets, and these are proving difficult to locate in a way that doesn't exceed our budget...

As I know there are some bikers on my flist, I wondered if by any chance there might be someone who has an old helmet they might be willing to donate to a good cause - it doesn't matter if it's no longer safe for road use, as obviously no one's actually going to ride a motorbike on the stage! If said helmet(s) were located outside Oxford, we could cover the postage costs, and/or modest payment might be possible in the form of beer or chocolate or whatever.

In an ideal world, one of the helmets would be of the old fashioned open-face type, but that's possibly asking a bit much...

Any suggestions of other possible sources would also be much appreciated!

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Following what seems to be the general trend, I have acquired a Dreamwidth account, with the same username as this journal. I have added the people I could find to my circle, but I'm sure there are others I have failed to track down, so if this includes you, please draw this to my attention by some means.

I don't post very much anyway, but insofar as I do, it will continue to be here for the moment.
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Seeking Oxford-based open-minded agnostics...

... who might like to be on the telly.

St Aldate's (the church I'm a member of) is running its usual Alpha course (eight week introduction to Christianity with lots of opportunity for questions and discussion) this term, starting tomorrow evening. However, this time, they're looking for a group of people who would be willing to be filmed during the course as part of a documentary being made for Channel Four. More details here.

If anyone out there finds this an interesting prospect, do get in touch either with me (via comments or other method of your choice), or directly with Aldate's via the contact details on the page linked to above. (If anyone fancies trying the Alpha course but doesn't want to be part of the documentary, this is also totally possible: I believe they're setting aside part of the room for those who don't want to be filmed.) Please also feel free to pass on this information to anyone else you know who might be interested.

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On the off chance that someone other than me might be amused

A friend of mine from church had a baby a couple of months ago, and last night some of us went round to her house for a baby-shower type event (it would have happened before the baby arrived, except he was early). One of the fun activities that had been organized was decorating bibs with fabric pens and crayons.

I started off by drawing a rainbow on one, 'cos it was colourful and not difficult. But a bit later, I remembered these earrings, and, well, there were some spare bibs left... The result was one with <BODY> at the top of it and </BODY> at the bottom of it.

There was only one person there who actually got the joke, but fortunately it was the baby's mum. She asked if I was going to put anything in the middle, but I couldn't think of anything suitable, so I was just going to leave it blank... until I was visited by the Bad Pun Fairy. I added some paragraph tags, and between them, a green dot symbolizing a pea.
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As You Like It

(With the usual apologies to those not in the UK.)

I'm in As You Like It at the OFS this week, playing Audrey. It's shaping up to be a fun show!

Opening night is tonight, and it runs till Saturday. Performances at 7.30pm, with a matinee at 2.30pm on Saturday. More info here - you can book tickets online, but it's better to ring the box office, as then you don't get stung with a huge booking fee.

I should probably have told people about this earlier, but with the final few weeks of term and rehearsals, I've been a bit busy...